A New Purpose

Sometimes I can get a little frustrated with life. It seems to get monotonous, doing the same things over and over. The reasons why I keep going sometimes get fuzzy. People I have to deal with get on my nerves and I’m sure I’m irritating others.When I was a boy life was confusing but more fun. People would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Although the question was quite unnerving, because I had no idea what I wanted to be and it seemed that it was expected of me to know, at least people were interested in me and my future. But now not so much.As a teenager I was full of bravado and I was sure I was going to make a big difference in the world and become very important to many people. But the older I got, the less sure I became of just how I would make any difference in the world at all.Then all of a sudden it was over. Our once busy household has dwindled down to one teenage boy who is almost ready to fly on his own. The purpose for life that had consumed me for 30 years is all of a sudden gone. And I find myself transitioning into another phase of life. It hasn’t been easy letting go of that role.But, when I became a father, at the tender of age of 22, suddenly my life was full of meaning. A grand awakening came as I became aware of how important I was, not to the world at large, but just to one little baby girl. She was depending on me for everything.My purpose in life changed from accomplishing goals for myself to providing a home, direction and meaning for my family.For almost 30 years my wife and I raised not just one little girl, but three little girls and a little boy to adulthood and it gave our lives purpose and meaning as we sought to teach little ones the important things in life. Simple things, like the correct direction to pass food around the table (clockwise) and courteous things like not talking with a mouth full of food were taught along with the most important things of why we are here and to Whom we will answer to.My life was an open book. My examples, good or bad, were reflected back to me a thousand times over by my children. Words and phrases I said were said back to me. Attitudes I expressed were expressed back. And then as they grew up, somehow they became individuals, saying what they thought, disagreeing with me at times, but making me very proud at the same time.But I have found a new purpose! For a few weeks ago a our grandson was born and now I have a new role, a new responsibility. It is not as hands on as being a father. It requires less endurance and physical stamina, which is a good thing.So when I get to feeling useless and frustrated I know that if I spend a little time holding a little boy that looks a little like me, (bald and chubby cheeked) I will feel better. I will remember that now it is my job to pray. It is now my job to give wise counsel from the years of my experience. And it is my job to just hold and enjoy the little boy God has graciously granted me to see. My job now is to be a grandfather.