Doctor’s Office

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor’s office for a physical. It has to do with my pilot’s license. One thing about pilots is that we have proof that we are physically fit.I arrived at the doctor’s office after some nice people at a gas station gave me directions. They started discussing why on earth a clinic would be located in such a hard to find place, but they assured me I couldn’t miss it. They were right. It was hard to find, but once you did, you couldn’t miss it.They asked me to provide a urine sample, which is quite nice. In my high pressured government job, I’m always trying to figure out how to get to the bathroom.  It was nice to actually have someone tell me to go to the bathroom.  It was nice and quiet in there, but all of a sudden I felt pressured. Nonetheless, I managed to provide a sample. Which brings me to something I’ve always wondered about. Should we fill the cup just a little, half, or all the way? I guess I gave enough; they didn’t really say.Then they weighed me and I filled out forms Anyway, eventually the doctor came in and checked me over. He said he had a patient with the same last name as mine and wondered if we were related. I said no. He said she was in her late nineties and still very spry, maybe I’d want to claim her as kin.This doctor told me it was time for my prostrate exam. It was fine. One time I mentioned to another doctor that I did not enjoy the prostrate exam. He said that was good, because if I started to enjoy it, then I’d have a problem.Another doctor was examining me once. He pushed his glasses onto his forehead to peek in my ears and nose. (Don’t you wonder what they’re looking for up your nose?)He got an emergency phone call from another patient. It seems he was on vacation and checked his blood pressure, which turned out to be high. The doctor asked him, “Why would you want to check your blood pressure on vacation?” Then the doctor wanted to write down some notes for the patient’s chart. He grabbed my glasses and put them on (with his glasses on his forehead). He started to write and said. “Something’s amiss here.”I said, “You put my glasses on by mistake.””Oh, yes, yes. I see,” he said, as he kept writing. I wanted to laugh when he finally looked up my nose. I didn’t though. I knew the prostrate exam was coming….