I have decided that all this high-tech stuff is just another way of thinking about food, altho its mostly for vegetarians.For instance, yesterday, I wanted make a new dish, GPS, or global pumpkin salad. It included 100% of my daily fiber (optics). So I got out out my (micro) food processor and booted it up. But I couldn’t find my 18″ salad light dish.So I munched on some (Pentium) chips and dip (switches) while I waited for my sesame CD (rom) buns to bake. I wanted to get them just right so they were (micro) soft, but I burned them so I had to open some windows (95). They turned out hard (disk).I was fax running out of the basic food groups. I looked on my screen to see if I had anything frozen, but all I could see was my scsi (scuzzy) interface reflecting back.It seems my whole world was crashing around me and I was caught in a virtual reality inner net. Thinking fast, I repartitioned myself and scanned my options. I decided my best bet was to order a multi-media pizza, but my celery phone wasn’t functioning.Going low-tech I just had a bowl of weedyeaters.