With the superbowl behind us, I’m beginning to worry about the commercials they’ll be putting on for us aging baby boomers in a few years. You see with recycling such a big thing, the handwriting is on the wall. (Well its been erased and rewritten) I can see it now. A young ad exec will get the bright idea of deluging the Superbowl of the future with antacid ads using recycled beer commercials. The setting will be a two-winged nursing home. There will be a great debate over how each wing perceives the antacid. One side will yell out in feeble, old voices, “Less filling!” while the other side echoes, “Great taste!”Or these (babyboomer) geezers will be sitting in worn-out Dockers on a park bench reminiscing about the good old days while passing around a new anti-constipation medicine. Just as the sun is setting a dog trots up. The philosophical one of the group with the cool serengetti tri-focals bends down to pet the dog’s head and says, “You know, it just doesn’t get any better than this.”Or worse, the retired bowling league sits around the lanes in their “just do it” Nike jerseys while a song plays. “Now we have the time. Now we have the antacid.” A voice over says, “Now, its Malox time!”I don’t really want to go into it, but think of any laxative product. Then think of the Bud Bowl commercials. Yep. I’m worried. “Hey, this Fleet’s for you. I love you, man.”?(This one was published in the Wichita Eagle as a letter to the editor.)