Morally Defunct

I am a-pauled! Consider, if you will the state of the world, we live in today, compared to when I was growing up. In the early 1960’s it was illegal to gamble, illegal to trade in pornography, illegal to commit adultery, and illegal to lie under oath.Nowadays, in the sophisticated world we live in, it is not only legal to buy lottery tickets in many states, local legislatures look for ways to skirt the old-fashioned laws of yesteryear, by floating gambling casinos in man-made moats. Then gambling is OK. If it is wrong on dry land, why is not on a man made moat?The swimsuit models are parading around in next to nothing again, posing in what has been described as suggestive poses. Years ago, this was considered pornography, now it is artistic fashion protected by the first amendment. Yeah, right.We look to our leaders to lead us. Morality is absent from the highest office in our country as the president is speculated to have had an adulterous affair, lied about it under oath, and it is ok with the majority of the American public, because after all, his sex life is really none of our business. Wasn’t a woman Air Force pilot recently kicked out of the Air Force for committing adultery? What is the difference?Things have changed. The US Women’s Hockey Team wins the gold medal. The men’s team doesn’t even place. A snowboarder wins a medal (in an event that doesn’t even seem worthy to be an event) loses his medal because he uses an illegal drug, gets his medal back, because it’s OK to use an illegal drug, as long as it doesn’t improve his performance.The worst thing is my daughter can no longer sign her name. Now she has to make a little face with it’s tongue sticking out behind her name. Is this because of Prince or what?Boy do I miss the good old days, when wrong was wrong, and right was right.