You don’t hear it very much anymore, but if anyone was wondering, I, Totally Paul, am an Outdoorsman. (Probably a Rugged Outdoorsman) It used to be said of people, that they were an outdoorsmen, but today, with all those indoor athletes, an outdoorsman is kind of outdated, some people might think.Not me, though, I think I’d rather be an Outdoorsman, than say an indoor professional ball player (They play baseball and football in domes now, so technically those are indoor sports) …unless, of course, someone would pay me to be a professional indoor sportsman. (Just one season, honest!)Nonetheless, many of you, my dear readers, (or at least Mom) may wonder, what makes Totally Paul an Outdoorsman? Well, let me explain it to you. You see, an Outdoorsman is classified basically as someone who does stuff outdoors. Am I right?And I, Totally Paul, do things outdoors. Let me give you some examples. Yesterday, a Saturday, I mowed the lawn. I was outdoors. I was outdoors for at least an hour. Today, Sunday, I organized the trash, you know, separating paper from other stuff, or recycling, and while I worked the garage door was open, and technically, I was outdoors.This took awhile because I knocked over some things which had to be picked up. Then I drove to the store with my windows down. I put my hand out the window several times. Just last week my wife asked me to water her plants outdoors, so I set them all out where the rain could fall on them, and it did. And finally, I spend a lot of time outdoors sitting in a lawn chair watching the fish not pulling my bobber down at the lake.So there you have it, I am the last of the Rugged, Goodlooking, Outdoorsmen of America. I just looked up Outdoorsman in the dictionary, but for some reason it is not in there. Must be an oversight of the editor. They aren’t perfect you know.But tomorrow, when I’m sitting outdoors, watching my hamburgers grill, I will once again embrace the outdoors. Once again I will be a shirtless, shoeless, rugged, goodlooking, he-man, outdoorsman. Or at least an Outside Guy.Wait, I, Totally Paul, am an Outside Guy. A rugged, goodlooking, he-man, master of my domain – Outside Guy… Except if there are mosquitoes.