I think I have found the cure for what ails us. Last night I met a man, Dr. Smarteurdanu’. He has extracted juices from exotic cross-pollenated plants and formulated a “smart” pill. According to Dr. Smarteurdanu’ these pills not only make you more alert to your job while making you oblivious to distractions, they give you energy, help you to relax, cure diarhea, cease constipation and help with common prostrate problems.These amazing little pills, Smarteurdanu’ pills, as the Dr. calls them, have only two knows side effects. In men they tend to amplify male pattern baldness, and in women they tend to decrease bust size. But, nonetheless, they seem to be the latest craze among the “hip”, smart people. Just by looking around, I can see that many people my age must already be taking these.Dr. Smarteurdanu’s dog, Ima (a mixed breed) was given daily doses of these pills as an experiment. To be truthful, the experiment yielded mixed results. Before the smart pill was administered the dog would always “fetch” the evening paper, but aftwerwards he stopped. He did begin to talk, though.When the Dr. asked why he did not fetch the paper anymore the dog replied, “Because, Ima Smarteurdanu’, that’s why.”