Techno-Twilight Zone

A simple man given a simple task. And yet, it simply could not be done. Once this simple man entered into – The TechnoTwilite Zone. It was a Thursday afternoon, just like any other Thursday afternoon. Hot summer sun shining down. Thunderstorms brewing in the distance. His wife and children needed bus tickets to a cooler climate for a summer vacation. He enters the bus terminal and sits across from a man who can’t read bus ticket tables. And this is the man who sells bus tickets. The long wait begins. Friends of the bus ticket man stop by and want to talk. Our simple man waits. He waits. And he waits some more. Finally, the tickets are ready.They cost $184. “I only have $173.” the simple man says, “My wife called and was told the tickets would only be $160.” The bus ticket man points to the sign. “No checks, no charge cards, cash only,” it says.The bus ticket man’s wife comes in. She says, “Yes, the children’s tickets are half price.” The bus ticket man says, “But, half price still adds up to $184 total.”Our simple man says he will go to an ATM and withdraw money to make up the balance. The bus ticket man tells his wife to drive our simple man. The car is smoky from a cigarette in the ash tray. The interior is filled with odds and ends. They arrive after a precarious drive through afternoon traffic at the ATM and the simple man’s cash card doesn’t work. He tries it again, and it still does not work. He tries his credit card. It does not work. The machine says it is an invalid card. The bus ticket man’s wife drives with frightening inability to another ATM. Same thing happens. Our simple man beats a frustrated hand upon the modern technological machine that won’t give him his money for his poor wife’s and children’s bus tickets. He calls home to see if he has got the PIN number right. There is no answer.Will our simple man find another ATM? Will he phone home later? Will he get back in the bus ticket man’s wife’s car? Will he ever get back to reality? Or is he stuck, a simple man without eno?????working ATM in the Techno-Twilite Zone?