Computer Health Risks

Many people don’t realize the many health risks posed by computer use. Listed below is the top ten health related risks list.10. Mousey finger. Sore index finger. Caused by clicking the buttons on the mouse.9. Disk amnesia. Inability to remember which disk you just used to back up important data. Caused by using too many disks to backup mostly useless data8. Floppy Phobia. Fear of handling floppies. Caused by losing important data on floppies so many times you are afraid to touch floppies with important data.7. On-line Derrière’ Large rear end Caused by spending too much time on-line while eating Hostess snacks, such as Ding Dongs and Twinkies. 6. Patchy Bald Spots Sporadic hair loss on head. Caused by annoying habit of scratching your head over and over in the same spot whenever you pause to think.5. Ringing in Ears. Irritating noise that constantly rings in your ears,. Caused by spouse constantly asking you the same question over and over while you concentrate on the pretty lights on your new screen.4. Connecting constipation. Common everyday constipation. Caused by waiting until just one more web page downloads before you go the bathroom.3. Downloading Diarrhea. Common everyday diarrhea. Caused by ignoring connecting constipation.2. Monitor Blur. Blurry screen Caused by staring into CGA, VGA, EGA and SVGA laced, interlaced, and very expensive screens.1. Brain lock. Brain locked into constant computer loop. Caused by trying to figure out why you bought a computer to begin with. Can be cured by pressing Control-Alt-Delete keys in your brain, and then enter, enter, enter. … And then finally reset.